An exquisite selection of tisanes expertly combined from herbs the world over to create healthy and revitalizing infusions.  

Sit back and enjoy our fine infusion of whole Camomile flowers subtly highlighted with a hint of pure Peppermint leaves. The natural properties of Camomile will calm and relax you while the cool taste of Peppermint will make you feel refreshed.


Camomile is an herbal infusion that has been valued through the ages for its naturally soothing qualities. The herb's remarkable properties promote calm and restfulness in mind and body. Camomile may also help to relieve physical ailments like skin and digestive irritations.


Mint is an herb used since antiquity for its culinary, medicinal and aromatic properties. Peppermint has a soothing effect on the stomach and helps to relieve indigestion and colonic cramps. Due to the strong and cool flavour of Peppermint it acts as a mild decongestant for maladies such as the common cold.